Cebu’s Largest Taxi Fleet Accepting Cashless Payments thru Cell Phones

Passengers of RP Corominas cabs, the largest taxi fleet in Cebu, can now avail of cashless payments using smart phones through GCash.

“We partnered with GCash to provide convenience to our riders and drivers through GCash,” said RP Corominas owner Peter Corominas.

“With the GCash scan-to-pay technology, the passenger simply uses his smart phone to scan the QR code assigned to our drivers. Then he or she types the amount to be paid and confirming the payment,” he explained.

This alternative mode of payment is now offered to commuters as GCash partners with RP Corominas Taxi, one of the most notable taxi operators in Cebu.

Delighted RP Corominas cabbies have since expressed their gratitude for sparing them the burden of securing the exact change.

With over 200 taxi units roaming Cebu, RP Corominas has maintained its integrity as an institution in the transport industry since its establishment in 1992, by providing quality taxi rides. They partnered with GCash in order to adapt to the changing times and offer more convenience to their customers.

“In our rapidly developing world, everyone is in a rush. We can keep up with our customers by offering them an easy way to pay using GCash,” said Corominas.

GCash is continuously expanding their reach and forging different partnerships to further their aim of financial inclusion via digitization. With their #PagGCashNaBai campaign, the unbanked can place their money in an e-wallet and use it to send money, buy telco loads, pay bills, or buy things offline or online. At the same time, businesses or even small vendors can use the application to offer their customers fast, secured, and convenient cashless transactions.

“We are proud to be the mobile payment partner of the largest taxi fleet in Cebu. Aside from providing businessmen the latest and widest mobile payment platform, the partnership will also provide RP Corominas riders an easy option to pay for their taxi bills and in the same respect, give the drivers the convenience of getting the exact payment amounts in their e-wallets,” said Mynt President & CEO, Anthony Thomas.

GCash has over 16,000 partners nationwide. GCash is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

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