Monetizing Your Blog – Beginners Guide

If you are reading this, I would guess that you are a new blogger, or just an interested internet user who happens to hear or learn about the possibility of making money through blogs. You would continue reading because you would like to know more about the in and out of the process of monetizing your blogs. I may be mistaken but you can also be a blogger, who has already a blog but is having troubles in monetizing it. You may have tried out different tips and advices and found out that they did not worked for you so your scouting for ideas and other methods on how you can really make money from your blogs.

You have come to the right article. In brief, I would discuss to you how to monetize your blog, especially for rookies.

What is a blog?

A blog is an online platform used by content writers to express a thought, share an experience or an idea or simply find an online space where they can write about the things they would like to share others.

Knowing what a blog is, your purpose for blogging should fall in between the lines of its meaning to be able to create a blog. You blog for a reason, and if your reason for blogging is because you want to make money from it, you have a few things to consider;

The niche of your blog

A niche in blogging dictionary is an environment your blog has, the universe you intend to create in your blog. By simplifying it, a niche is an area you are familiar with or a place you would like to create. If you would want to create is a blog about dogs, then your niche or your blog’s universe is about dogs. To make something so big simplified and unique as well, you can blog more specifically, like a blog about dogs used for hunting. The more unique your blog is, the more unique and compact your target audience will be

Target audience of your blog

Before creating a blog, you need to have a target audience. A blog about dogs used for hunting will definitely target dog owners who have dogs that accompany them during hunting trips and not dog owners who carry their dogs in their purses. Write articles about topics you like for the people you would like to be reading your articles. In blogging, you should remember that you are not only writing for yourself but also for a reading audience, especially when you intend to make money from it.

Your target advertisers

Your blog is about dogs for hunting and your readers are dog owners who have hunting dogs, so what are the advertisements that a dog owner with a hunting dog would possibly view? Dog accessories, protein supplements for their pets, vitamins, training services for hunting dogs and the like are the possible advertisers you will attract.

To make it short, to monetize your blog, you need to have three things, a target advertiser, a target market and a creative brain to be able to create a content worthy to be read.

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